More return on investment from digital retail media and e-commerce for brands and agencies of holistic analytics.

emax digital GmbH was founded by two former Amazon executives and a full-stack developer with start-up experience. Based on state-of-the-art cloud and machine learning technologies, they are developing a completely web-based platform that bundles and evaluates all conceivable data points relating to online retail and digital retail media on Amazon.

For the first time, brand manufacturers can “simply” gain insight to Amazon’s black box. In the various software modules, all aspects of business with Amazon can be analysed in a simple way and the daily tedious copying of countless Excel files is a thing of the past.  The tool takes over previously cumbersome standard tasks, such as checking product portfolios daily, evaluating the best search terms in your advertising campaigns in the Amazon search or updating target group segments in the programmatic advertising purchasing in Amazon DSP via the Amazon marketing cloud.

Advertising agencies and consultancies use the emax digital tool to analyse the Amazon marketplace for their clients, to create comprehensive competitive analyses and to derive the optimum advertising strategy for Amazon’s digital retail world.