Zukunft “made in Bavaria” - since 1995

As an LfA subsidiary based in Landshut, we have been one of the most important points of contact for Bavarian high-tech start-ups and scale-ups looking for start-up and growth capital for 30 years. We invest up to EUR 25 million in each company.

We manage a total of around EUR 700 million with an excellent team. Since its inception, Bayern Kapital has financed more than 320 Bavarian high-tech start-ups.  

With Bayern Kapital, there is an experienced, financially sound venture capital investor in the market to successfully accelerate and scale start-ups. In partnership with private investors, we can quickly and effectively support innovative start-ups and scale-ups from all over Bavaria with equity financing.

Innovative companies create new jobs and secure the further development and prosperity of our society. In particular, young, technology-oriented start-ups are the drivers. By investing venture capital in precisely these young companies, we promote innovation and entrepreneurship "made in Bavaria". 

    • 700

      million euro under management

    • 100

      active portfolio companies

    • 30

      almost 30 years of experience in VC business

    • 25

      up to 25 million euro investment per company

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