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The Company

About us

Founded at the end of 1995 Bayern Kapital GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LfA Foerderbank Bayern (Bavaria‘s development bank). Bayern Kapital’s objective is to finance research and development as well as the market launch of new products, product diversifications and expansion of the market share.

The requesting company has to be located in Bavaria. Industries are e. g. IT/software, life sciences, new materials, micro-systems & environmental technologies.

Bayern Kapital and its funds have invested over EUR 350 m in more than 290 companies and currently manages funds to the value of EUR 500 m. The five investing funds currently managed by Bayern Kapital are: Seedfonds Bayern, Clusterfonds Start-Up!, Innovationsfonds, Innovationsfonds EFRE and Wachstumsfonds Bayern.

Partner of Seedfonds Bayern is often the High-Tech Gruenderfonds ( HTGF was founded jointly by the German Federal Government, the KfW Bankengruppe and industrial enterprises under the „Partners for Innovation“ initiative.

Our Funds

How does Venture Capital financing work?

We offer Bavarian Founders and Technology Companies situation-oriented investment concepts:

Venture Capital: Seedfonds

Seedfonds Bayern

You are at the beginning of the product development. Your company is not older than 12 months and your goal is to successfully complete the seed phase with the Proof of Technics. Private investors are not available or at a maximum of € 200 thousand.

The Seedfonds Bayern provides young Bavarian companies equity capital to finance the development of the company. Project content is always an innovative and technology-oriented product or service. After the start-up-financed seed phase, addditional capital providers, e.g. B. business angels or venture capital companies are financing further development and ultimately successful market entry.

Venture Capital für Start-Ups: Clusterfonds

Seedfonds Bayern extended

Your product has passed the Proof of Technics. Your company is at the end of the seed phase and has not been on the market for longer than 24 months. Your goal is to enter the start-up phase in order to achieve the “proof of market” with your technology.

The Seedfonds Bayern extended provides Bavarian technology companies with up to  EUR 500.000 in equity capital in the transition phase from 9 to 12 months to bridge the gap between the seed phase and the start-up phase, if no private investors are ready to start.

In a subsequent financing round, participations from other investors (in particular venture capital companies, business angels) are to be acquired.

Venture Capital: Innovationsfonds für Technologieunternehmen

Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds

Your company wants to develop a new product and / or production process or to finance the market launch and penetration.

In cooperation with a private, independent investor, the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds provides young Bavarian technology companies with equity capital to co-finance innovation projects from the start of the company in various phases of the company.

This is intended to secure necessary investments and the financing of operating resources for young companies.

Venture Capital: Wachstumsfonds

Wachstumsfonds Bayern

In cooperation with one or more independent private investors Wachstumsfonds Bayern  managed by Bayern Kapital provides technology-oriented young, small and medium-sized enterprises in Bavaria as co-investment partner with equity capital for growth financing (Later Stage Venture Capital). This enables innovative Bavarian start-ups to receive more and larger funding. This enables them to take further growth steps, such as entering new sales markets. The fund volume of Wachstumsfonds Bayern  amounts to EUR 115 million.

Wachstumsfonds Bayern  is fundamentally open to innovative, technology and growth-oriented companies in all industries; regardless of whether external investors are already involved. A general requirement for participation by Wachstumsfonds Bayern   is that the technology company has a successful business model, has successfully completed the seed phase and the first startup phase and wants to expand. The successfully completed seed and first startup phase may have been financed by external investors or by the founder / cash flow.

The financing contribution per technology company is between 2 and 8 million euros (also in several financing rounds); in some cases up to 10 Mio. € are possible. The participant selects the private investor. The private investor must participate in the company at least in the same amount as the Wachstumsfonds Bayern 

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Portfolio Highlights
Portfolio Highlights

Here you can see a selection of the portfolio companies (GER) we have financed.


Finding a financing partner is a matter of mutual trust. Each of our investments is made following extensive contact between the founders or entrepreneurs and our team. Therefore, as much as we strive to provide all necessary information here, we would like to ask you to contact us directly if you have any questions.

You can find generalised directions to our location via Google Maps below (please click the address button).

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