More than capital

    • Sector distribution BayernKapital Investments
      Sector distribution BayernKapital Investments
  • With tickets from EUR 250,000 to EUR 25 million, we support ambitious founding teams with visionary ideas that have the potential to revolutionise entire industries and make the world a better place. We invest in innovative Bavarian start-ups and scale-ups, from hardware to software, digital economy and industry to medical technology to life sciences. 

    With capital but also expertise and a deeply branched network of market-leading companies, industry experts and investors, we support founders in all phases of a company, from the seed and growth phase to a successful exit or initial public offering (IPO). 

    Anyone who founds a company with us has an experienced investor at their side. We invest for the long-term and out of conviction. Even in challenging times, founders can count on us. After all, founding a company is a marathon not a sprint.   

    Bayern Kapital works in partnership with numerous well-known private investors from Germany and abroad. We are therefore ideally equipped to mobilise additional investors. 

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