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How does the investment work?

We currently manage five investment funds. Each of these funds finances enterprises at a certain point in their development and with specific objectives. A common feature of all funds is that they exclusively finance companies based in Bavaria that focus their entrepreneurial activities on high-tech products or services.

The industries financed by us include biotechnology and life science, medical technology, software and IT, environmental and nanotechnology as well as materials and new materials.

Here we briefly outline our five funds. Detailed information can be found on the following pages, or contact us directly.

Seedfonds Bayern

You are at the commencement of product development. Your company is no more than 12 months old and your objective is to successfully complete the seed phase with Proof of Technics. Private investors are not at your disposal or are available with a maximum of EUR 200 T.

Seedfonds Bayern provides young Bavarian companies with venture capital to finance the organisation and establishment of their business. The project content is always an innovative and technology-oriented product or equivalent service.

Following completion of the initially financed seed phase, further investors, for example business angels or venture capital companies, are added for further development and ultimately successful entry into the market.

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Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds

Your company wishes to develop a new product and/or production process or finance its market launch and market penetration.

Together with a private independent investor, Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds provides young Bavarian technology companies with venture capital for co-financing innovation projects from the start of the company across various business phases.

This is to ensure necessary investments and the financing of operating resources for young companies.

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Wachstumsfonds Bayern

After a successful A-series funding round, you are looking for further venture capital of at least EUR 4-5 million, e.g. to further diversify your product range and drive forward international sales.

Together with at least one additional private investor, Wachstumsfonds Bayern provides, according to needs, between EUR 2 million and EUR 8 million – also within the framework of several financing rounds.

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ScaleUp-Fonds Bayern

Venture capital for independent, rapidly expanding high-tech companies

Your growth-oriented high-tech company has a verifiably successful, highly scalable business model and you wish to achieve further expansion steps (e.g. technical/market-related), grow internationally or prepare for exit.

ScaleUp-Fonds Bayern works in partnership with both domestic and foreign private investors. We are able to invest EUR 10 million – EUR 25 million according to the same conditions.

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