We invest in partnership

We support our portfolio companies in all matters relating to financing and growth – long-term and with conviction. Even in challenging times, founders can count on us. Because we know: Founding a company is not a sprint, but a marathon.

The equity capital should enable companies to realize promising, innovative products and production processes, launch them on the international market and grow as a company. These innovation projects must be carried out primarily by the start-ups/scale-ups themselves in Bavaria.

Ticket size

We offer Bavarian start-ups and technology companies situation-specific investment concepts with ticket sizes ranging from EUR 250,000 to EUR 25 million.

With our financial support from the start of the company to the various phases of the business, sustainable development into an internationally successful technology leader in a valuable partnership is possible.

Joint investment

We always act as a co-investor together with private investors when providing financing. From the seed to the scale-up phase, we can therefore support investments not only as an experienced venture capitalist with over 25 years of expertise, but also with a strong network of private investors.

We invest according to the pari passu principle. In a financing round, this means that all participants are treated equally and must invest the same amount as Bayern Kapital. This creates transparency and makes Bayern Kapital a valued co-investor.


The sectors we finance include biotechnology and life science, medical technology, software and IT, environmental technology and nanotechnology as well as materials and new materials.
Bayern Kapital's funds are generally only involved as minority shareholders. The holding period for the investments is usually five to ten years.

Do you have any questions about our investment approach? Mr. Härtl will be happy to answer them: