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Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds

Your company wants to develop a new product and/or production process or to finance the market launch and penetration.

In cooperation with a private, independent investor, the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds provides young Bavarian technology companies with equity capital to co-finance innovation projects from the start of the company in various phases of the company.

This is intended to secure necessary investments and the financing of operating resources for young companies.

Financing what?

The Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds primarily funds young, innovative technology companies that want to use the equity capital to implement the development of new products and/or production processes and their market launch or penetration.

The minimum content requirements for the company and the company concept are:

  • Motivated and experienced management team with complementary competencies available in the company or planned to complete the management
  • Technology with sustainable unique selling propositions, which – insofar as possible – is protected by property rights and has significant competitive advantages
  • Products or technical services represent an actual problem solving essential for (potential) customers
  • Growth market with significant market volume
  • Realistic business idea: Ideally, there is already a prototype and pilot customer for the business concept before venture capital is
  • Sustainable, scalable business model
  • Business concept with sustainable sales potential: Steadily increasing growth over a longer period is more important to us than unrealistically high growth rates in the shortest possible time
  • Exit scenario exists

Formal criteria

  • A private investor chosen by the company participates with equity parallel and cooperates with the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds
  • Company headquarters or permanent establishment in Bavaria; the major part of the innovation project to be financed is carried out by the company itself
  • Legal form of a corporation
  • Integration of the essential know-how carriers in the company management, the know-how carriers should also hold significant shares in the company
  • Industrial property rights (patents, trademark rights etc.) must be transferred to the company
  • The overall financing of the company including the equity capital of the Bayern Kapital Innovation is comprehensibly secured for a period of 18 – 24 months
  • Fulfillment of the EU criteria for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Financing Conditions

  • Amount of participation: In total up to 2,5 million euros, usually spread over several financing rounds. Participations of another co-financing fund managed by Bayern Kapital are counted towards the maximum participation amount of EUR 2,5 million.
    A participation is usually paid in several tranches after the agreed milestones have been fulfilled.
  • Type of participation: Open and/or typically silent participation. In the case of an open participation, the Bayern Kapital Innovation participates based on the same company valuation as your private investor. A combination of open participation and subordinated loans is also possible.
  • Based on your business model and the business valuation of your private investor, the participation model is coordinated with you and your private investor, as well as with other investors, if applicable.
  • Duration of participation: In principle, the duration of the participation of the Bayern Kapital Innovation depends on the duration of the participation of your private investor. With a typically silent participation, a term of up to max. 31.12.2030 possible.

Independent private investor

The Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds only participates in cooperation with one or more independent private investors selected by the participant , at market conditions (“pari passu”).

The independent private investor (hereinafter private investor) must fundamentally participate in the participant in at least the same amount as the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds. For financing with business angels and – depending on the situation in the individual case – projects in the life science sector, smaller financing shares of the private investor, but at least 30%, are required.

The private investor should provide technical and commercial support to the participant and regularly inform the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds about the economic situation of the participant and the innovation project. A contract between the private investor (s) and the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds can regulate the details.

The role of private investor can be taken over by investment/venture capital companies, but also by business angels, or in individual cases, as long as the economic independence and financial independence of the investment company are preserved, also by other companies (e.g. strategic partners).

If another fund managed by Bayern Kapital GmbH has already invested together with the private investor, the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds can participate in cooperation with this private investor.