Reducing cancer deaths using revolutionary, broadly applicable and innovative cancer diagnostics and therapeutics ('theranostics').

multimmune GmbH has established a unique and proprietary technology platform based on the founding scientists' discovery that a cell surface (membrane) form of Hsp70 is uniquely expressed on a large proportion of cancers (~50-75%), but not on healthy cells. This makes this form of Hsp70 an excellent and broadly applicable molecule on which to base the development of innovative cancer therapeutics and diagnostics (‘theranostics’). multimmune has developed a powerful pipeline of natural killer (NK) cell- and antibody-based therapeutics targeting the large proportion of tumors that express membrane Hsp70.

A unique and specific activation of autologous (patient-derived) and allogeneic (donor-derived) natural killer (NK) cells which programs cells to recognise and kill cancers expressing membrane Hsp70 has been shown to be safe and deliver signs of efficacy in completed Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. Tumors expressing membrane Hsp70 can also be targeted using therapeutics that are based on a unique monoclonal antibody which detects membrane Hsp70.

multimmune's lead diagnostic is a patented liquid biopsy assay (blood test) which detects the presence of tumors expressing membrane Hsp70, and which can be used to monitor therapeutic response and disease recurrence in a wide range of cancer settings.

Vision and Mission
‘To reduce cancer deaths and improve the lives of cancer patients by developing revolutionary products which specifically target primary tumors and aggressive, metastatic disease.‘

Creating value:

  • product and technology platform based on a widely, but selectively expressed, tumor-specific marker;
  • pipeline of therapeutic, drug delivery and diagnostic platforms.


  • out-licensing technology;
  • co-development partnerships for pipelines and complementary technologies.