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How does Venture Capital financing work?

We offer investment concepts to Bavarian start-ups and technology companies in line with their specific situation:

Seedfonds Bayern

You are at the beginning of product development. Your company is no older than 24 months and your goal is to successfully complete the seed phase with a Proof of Technics and enter the start-up phase.

The Bavarian Seed Fund provides young Bavarian companies with investment capital of up to €750,000 to finance the establishment of their company. The project content is always an innovative and technology-oriented product or a corresponding service.

In a subsequent financing round, further investors, e.g. business angels or venture capital companies, are to be added for further development and ultimately successful market entry.

Venture Capital: Innovationsfonds für Technologieunternehmen

Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds

Your company wants to develop a new product and/or production process or to finance the market launch and penetration.

In cooperation with a private, independent investor, the Bayern Kapital Innovationsfonds provides young Bavarian technology companies with equity capital to co-finance innovation projects from the start of the company in various phases of the company.

This is intended to secure necessary investments and the financing of operating resources for young companies.

Venture Capital: Wachstumsfonds

Wachstumsfonds Bayern

Subsequent to a successfully implemented Round A financing, you are looking for further equity capital of at least EUR 4-5 million, e.g., to further diversify your product portfolio and to push international sales.

Together with at least one additional private investor, the Bavarian Growth Fund provides between EUR 2 million and EUR 10 million, as needed, also within the context of multiple financing rounds.


ScaleUp-Fonds Bayern: venture capital for independent, rapidly expanding high-tech companies

  • Your growth-oriented high-tech company has a proven business model that achieves success in the market and is highly scalable.
  • You wish to realise further expansion steps (e.g. technical/market-related), grow internationally or prepare your exit.
  • ScaleUp-Fonds Bayern works in partnership with both domestic and foreign private investors. We are able to invest EUR 10 – 25 million according to the same conditions.