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3D-printed orthoses and prostheses for the US market

Covid-19 has – without question – had a significant impact on both economy and businesses. But the effects are not always negative: German-based medtech company Mecuris set out to digitalize the traditional craft of orthopedic technology and sees the industry become increasingly open to new technologies and 3D printing – even faster than expected without the pandemic.

The aim of Mecuris is to offer the possibility of creating individual orthoses and prostheses online while involving the eventual wearer in the design process. To do so, Mecuris translates traditional craftsmanship into digital workflows and patient-specific products, which are then manufactured using industrial 3D printing. These workflows and digital tools are made available on the company’s web-based digital workshop, the Mecuris Solution Platform. To use the platform, no previous knowledge of 3D technologies is required and both the software solutions and the certified end products are subject to continuous further development and adapted to constantly changing market conditions and requirements. Thus, they always meet the highest quality and safety standards.

At OTWorld.connect 2020, the lighthouse event of the orthopedic technology sector, a great amount of interest in the services of Mecuris was already evident, as they allow for more flexible and even decentralized working. As a result, first trials and case studies are now planned for the US market in the first quarter of 2021.

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